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Thank you card made by Annabelle Ryan (9 years old)


"Hi there,
I felt compelled to make contact with you to let you know how FANTASTIC I think that your products are.
My four year old son has suffered with eczema for the past 18 months. I have spent a small fortune on trying to find a product that would help. Even prescribed lotions from his Doctor did not work. After just one day of using the Natures Science products his skin cleared up remarkably. After three weeks his skin looks like he has never had eczema.
The products I purchased were initially just for me for purely cosmetic purposes -  but on recommendation I have been using them on the entire family – for a myriad of skin complaints through to scars, ingrown hairs and pimples!  The fact that I also use the range to pamper myself has been the wow factor! Your product is universally beneficial in its healing properties & a high end skin care system all at the same time!  I have never found that in one single skincare system before!
I also adore the scent and texture – it is so light and absorbs quickly. It makes my skin feel smooth and look radiant.
It’s also very appealing to me that all the ingredients are natural. The other added bonuses are that it is very reasonably priced and the smart packaging means that I will be able to use every last drop of product!  It is also NZ made.
I  am delighted with the healing properties of this whole skincare system & think that it is just superb, I am a total convert! I have been and will continue to recommend your products to everyone that I can!

Thank you so much for coming up with these amazing formulations!

Kirsten Muir


Superfood in Peru

"Natures Science Superfood got us up the mountain".

Whenever we needed a lift on our 3 week tour around Peru, the Superfood would be passed around. It made a great difference. Thank you.
Unfortunately the mountain's misty.

Love and blessings

Robyn Michael



"Hello Biljana & Steve
Thank you for my wonderful session last night, you are both amazing, I was in lala land for quite a while. Had a wonderful sleep and didn’t rub my eyes – yippee!!
A New Level of Skincare!
Results speak for themselves. After only 2 days my skin is visibly clearer, I cannot stop touching my face as my skin is also undeniably smoother. A rough area on my chin that I have had as long as I can remember is now completely smooth. The Natures Science skincare range is light, refreshing to use and comes in travel friendly packaging. Not to mention it’s all completely natural! It is such a joy to use. I have used many big name brands over the years and none of them come close. This is skincare for the future; made with love, natural ingredients and made in New Zealand.

Genevieve Overhill

Now a loyal client of Natures Science


"Hi Biljana
Great, as always, to catch up the other day. Here is my testimonial – edit as you wish!
I’ve been using Natures Science products for about four years and find that the products really suit my skin, which is sensitive and reacts to a lot of products. I particularly love the Refresher spray and use it morning and night after cleansing. It’s a great product to use after a day’s work as a ‘pick up’ before the evening or when my skins a bit dry. Keep up the fantastic work.



"Dear Biljana
How are you dear One? Big Hi to Steve too.
I loved seeing you & Steve again, and hearing you at the Forum on Friday - The City of Light, The Healing, DVD, etc, it was all really awsome - Thank you.
I have been using Natrue Science facial range products for over 6 mths, and have found them amazing. I can have slightly oily skin at times and they suit this perfectly as they balance my skin beautifully. 
It is the 'feeling' that I get when using these products that appeals to me the most - a beautiful sense of Love, Peace & Oneness is the closest I can describe - it is hard to find human words to explain how I feel when I use them.  I have never found anything like these products ever before, and being a Natural Therapist, their purity is important to me. 
I usually make my own products from essential oils, essences and use a pure base oil & I find Nature Science products much better than this even.
I look forward to catching up again soon, do you still have Reiki/Healing evenings at your house, if so - can you let me know when you are having them.
Much Love & Blessings



"Hi Biljana
I have been using Natures Science skin care products for approximately 8 years. I love the easily absorbed, kind to the skin, healing qualities of the products. My skin feels soft and has a healthy glow, without the need for further makeup.  Quite an achievement for a mature skin. Recently I was stopped in a shopping Mall by a very assertive sales person selling an expensive skin care range. After giving me his pitch he then asked what products I was currently using. I told him and he said "I'm not even going to try and sell you these products because I saw the way your whole face lit up when you talked about Natures Science products". He could see that he was wasting his time. I could have told him that before he started! I am extremely happy with these amazing products and their unique qualities."

Wendy, Auckland, NZ


"The result of using the Natures Science skin care products was in my case obvious in a matter of weeks. My face is now almost totally clear of acne and it has smoother, healthier and more radiant look. And that's not only my observation - a few people who know me noticed the same and pointed out the improvement of my skin. Using these products is an overall pleasant and enjoyable experience for me. They are gentle, easily absorbent and feel amazing. No more shiny nose when I wake up - my skin is finally getting balanced! I love the subtle, lingering scent of herbs and natural essences after completing the routine. One of the most pleasant surprises was the soft cleanser for removing eye make-up without irritating the eyes!  These products are truly unique. Thanks Biljana."

Tanja B.


"I love these products. My skin feels nurtured and alive and more youthful. They are easy to use and I enjoy each of the steps as I can actually feel them working with my skin. It is so nice to be using products I can trust that have so much care gone into the making of them, you only have to read the ingredient list to see that. There are no other products on the market that come even close. I now read the lists on other supposedly ‘natural’ products and I am very thankful to have found the real thing."

Emily C.


"This is the nicest product I have used on my face in all the 51 years of my life. I like the feeling of the moisturizer which is a light fluid, doesn’t feel greasy but still feels rich on my skin. The fact that I buy it as a gift for all of my friends and recommend it to people all the time speaks for itself. You have the feeling that it works for every skin type."

Tricia C.


"I started using the products as my skin was getting dry and my friend introduced me to them. At the time there was a darkish mole on my forehead and as I started using the products my skin became so much fresher, elastic and younger looking. Strangely enough the mole that was scheduled for surgery has gone away – so they do balance the skin I would say!"

Bob S.


"My father was suffering from broken capillaries and sore veins since his forties. In the beginning it was just aesthetics because his legs below the knees were mostly bluish. Later on there was pain in his legs associated with that. None of therapies given had significant result.
He is now in his late seventies. When visiting him overseas, I gave him an herbal mixture prepared by Biljana Knaap from Natures Science, with expectations of easing the discomfort. The change was obvious within those few weeks I stayed with him.  The blue colour was disappearing and the natural healthy colour patches appearing instead. The real surprise waited for me one year later when I came for a visit again. My father’s legs that were blue coloured in the last forty years, had their natural pinkish colour and there was almost no feeling of discomfort! Thank you, Biljana, million times from my dad, me and the rest of the family."
(Please note that in the above case an internal product was also taken)

Anka B.


"My skin feels soft, moist, I feel it is glowing. It is so soothing, I love the scent as it has a calming effect on me."

Cherry C.


"I have been using your products, the gel fluid, the balancing cream and the freshner spray for a fortnight now. The first 3-4 days skin felt quite dry and I had some breakouts from pimples which had been lurking underneath for a while. They cleared amazingly quickly and now my skin feels just great. All products are wonderfully light and, Biljana was quite right, seem to buzz around the skin. I have already recommended them to two friends of mine and I am keen to try some more of your products to experience the difference."

Sylvia B.


"I have been wanting to say thanks so much for the cleansing fluid and revitalizing fluid, they are awesome! I love them! Where can I buy it from? It’s the best product I’ve ever used, thank you again!"



"Using TFT technique I started cracking on habits that I otherwise struggled to break.  It also helped me great deal in improving the morning routine so hearing the alarm is no longer such a stressful moment in my day!  In addition, I'm using it to relieve a heartache related to a very personal situation.  I'm truly thankful for the positive changes as they have significantly reduced the frustration, stress and sadness respectively.  Thanks Biljana".

Tanja B.


" … a very powerful and enjoyable experience rich in higher learning with an awesome group..."

A. Needham


"Extremely well structured and presented, it was amazing what we explored and how much was clarified in just one day! It was equally beneficial both to people who’ve done a lot of healing work and total novices …"

P. Dowling


"Biljana has a natural ability to encourage the best out of people to help them remove the self imposed barriers and allow you to find the true self. The workshops offer a relaxed and safe environment which is reflective of Biljana’s knowledge, skills and training. I have enjoyed the workshops and look forward to future ones."

A. Collins


Conducted by Biljana Knaap
Utilized in Natures Science Natural Health Systems

The development and research conducted by Natures Science utilizes various institutions and scientists.  Natures Science Natural Health Systems undergo ongoing testing and development through the Natures Science Clinic.  We regularly conduct research and collect ongoing feedback through our wide client base in order to achieve ever higher standards.  

Year 2009
Research was conducted by the Institute for Biofield Sciences led by Dr. Thornton Streeter using the latest technology in PIP and GDV imaging.  Four products from the Natures Science Natural Health Systems were tested in a pilot study with astonishing results showing their extreme performance efficiency.
The full study... Natures Science PIP and GDV Pilot Study

Year 2003-to date
Development of the product ranges through The Cosmetic Company Laboratories.

Year 1998-to date
Natures Science conducts continuous research in the field encompassing New Zealand native flora and we liaise with native healers, carriers of this knowledge.
Full story...

Year 1998-2003
Development of the product ranges through the Pauling Industries Laboratories.

Year 2001
Development of water technologies used for our Natural Health Systems through Back to Balance laboratories.

Year 1999
Thesis and research completed (The Vibrational Properties and Performance of Bioinformationally coded skin products).  The thesis was completed by Biljana Knaap under the supervision of Philip Dowling, the Head of Naturopathy at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies.

Year 1998
Creation of full spectrum active products for control of acne rosacea for the Technology Investment Group (TIG).  The product range developed and researched by Biljana Knaap and Wellpark College of Natural Therapies from New Zealand was successfully launched and marketed in USA and Canada.

The clinical research was conducted on a group of subjects with severe acne problems showing the high efficiency of natural products used. The research was supervised by the Wellpark College of Natural Therapies.

Year 1996
Development of Technogel range of products for topical and oral usage with micro-current non-surgical face lifting at the Terina Cosmetic Clinic in Auckland.  These products were specifically designed for enhancement of the connective tissue and utilized naturally sourced bio-active components from living plants, utilizing the potentization technology which is also used in the Natures Science products today.

Year 1987
Early research that led to the current Natures Science products was initiated as a joint project with Mr Stojan Velkovski, post graduate engineer of electronics and founder of the PentaChrist company.  The first levels of experimenting with bio-energized and  vibrationally coded cosmetic products and remedies were utilizing the PentaChrist company patented technologies which received the silver award for innovation at the renowned  Eureka expo in Brussels.  The project named Energetico was widely tested in a clinical setting of Viridian Cosmetic Studio in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.  The products in their early stage of development were marketed by the same establishment with excellent results.