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The Natures Science clinic practices the modalities of
- Naturopathy
- Herbalism
- Diagnosis
- Allergy and toxicity testing
- Vibrational therapy including EAV, IFAS Bemer and Bioptron
- Appearance health  - skin therapy and products
- Body work / Massage
- Bowen therapy
- Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
- Advanced detoxification practices
- Vitafon vibroacoustic therapy

The devices included in vibrational therapy are approved by the appropriate medical and government establishments in their countries of origin.

Vibrational Medicine Devices used in Natures Science Clinic include:


VITAFON Vibroacoustic Therapeutic Device

The innovation in medical therapeutic technology researched by few former Soviet union engineers soon became widely used throughout the former Soviet Union, from military hospitals through to infant units   The effect on the immune system is remarkable, intensifying all processes of repair and healing up to several times injuries, bruises, connective tissue tears heal in extremely short time.  Interferon levels measured in the blood increase up to three times after application making this device invaluable in its therapeutic purposes.  The key factor is increased microvibration (background energy of the body).  Russian scientists say the body can live without food for weeks, without water for days, without oxygen a few minutes but without microvibration not for a second.  We at Natures Science have used this exquisite technology for the benefit of our clients for the last five years.

VITAFON is recommended by the Russian Ministry of Health.

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BEMER 3000

BEMER 3000 Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Restoration

This therapeutic device is a scientific breakthrough designed by Dr Kafka and his team of German scientists.  This technology is breaking new ground in the history of vibrational medicine.  The German scientists have identified and measured the healthy frequency of each organ and system in the human body.  When disease strikes these frequencies change.  By exposing the organs and systems to the healthy range of frequencies with the help of the BEMER 3000 health is soon restored.  We at Natures Science Clinic can testify to the magnificent healing properties of this technology after using it extensively for seven years.

BEMER 3000 is registered for medical use in the European Union and various other countries.

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IFAS High Frequency Treatment

With scientifically designed vacuum glass applicators benefits  all living matter.  Through the glass vacuum light, heat, high frequency electrical current and ozone are created.  So when applied to the skin it transfers the current deep into the body producing hyperaemia (increased blood to the area), hyperthermia (increased heat to the area) and erythematic (slight reddening of skin which disappears shortly after treatment).  There is no discomfort but it instead gives soothing relief, with original pain subsiding or disappearing altogether. Apart from local application over the problematic area IFAS is magnificent in treating the overall body.  Heat, light, electrical energy and ozone are transmitted to the body, increasing the flow of oxygen -rich blood to every cell, tissue and organ to bring about healing, destroy bacteria, tranquilise and soothe.

IFAS can be used over the acupuncture points achieving the same effect as traditional acupuncture without the use of needles.  When the flow of oxygen-rich blood is increased, circulation and energy flow (chi) are improved, which brings about healing and pain relief. IFAS effectively treats skin conditions, headaches, neuralgias, neck pain, accidents and sports injuries, fibromyalgia, insomnia, digestive and hormonal problems.

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When a client arrives in the Natures Science clinic the diagnostic procedure that is undertaken is a full health assessment.  This involves measurement of the meridian points with a very fine technology which helps in diagnosing the activity of particular organs and systems.  Other diagnostic procedures include iridology, testing for appropriate oxygenating patterns, allergy and toxicity testing, specific testing on the functioning of the central nervous system and the movement of impulses from the central nervous system to the spinal column, assessment of the functionality and alignment of the spine and various environmental and lifestyle challenges.  Once the diagnostic procedure establishes what is the state of health of the particular individual is, we suggest a specific therapy.  If there are any symptoms present, we apply treatment locally.  At the same time during the session specific vibrational medicine balancing occurs which takes the strain from the organs and systems that have been over active and compensating for the weakness of others.  This leads to the dramatic improvement in the functioning of the organs and systems that have been under-functioning.

Once this balance is restored in the body by the means of physical, physiological, spinal alignment, meridian profusion and bioelectrical reconnection, then the body is set up on the road to health. In some situations symptoms disappear within the first 1-2 sessions, for more chronic problems a complete rebalancing course of 10-15 treatments may be required.  For detoxification purposes we use sophisticated bio-cleanse technology and also a set of internal detoxing remedies which require 3 treatments.  Within 21 days this effectively eliminates the toxins, parasites, residual (decaying) matter in the bowels and the toxic lining.  We acknowledge that detoxification is one of the huge pillars of good health and we endorse it within therapy while treating a particular problem, but also as a vital measure for preventative health.

Spinal alignment, various injuries and pain patterns in the muscular skeletal system are addressed by means of facial kinetics (bowen therapy), electro acupuncture, gentle manipulation of the connective tissue and re-connective work where there has been an old injury or a current micro injury that hasn't been healed.  One extremely important tool in the treatment of the muscular skeletal problem and for back pain is the vitafon vibroacoustic therapy.  This shows amazing results with faster healing and replacement of the old injured fibres of the tissue.  The process of repair is shown to be 3 times faster with the usage of vitafon.  Interferon levels, the activity of the immune system which repairs the tissues, are also increased up to 3 times according to studies by the Russian Ministry of Health.  This machine is endorsed by the Russian Ministry of Health. 
A very important part of the therapeutic healing activity is the elimination of allergens.  Identifying the allergenic foods and substances in a person’s environment and then treating the immune system by the means of vibrational medicine to eliminate the allergy response is very effective.  In combination with a new designed nutritional chart and specific ways of hydration we can create a personalised treatment plan for each individual that gives the body a fresh start. 

Everything about the body is commonsense.  Sorting out nutrition, breathing patterns, (ie increasing the oxygenation levels in the body), and helping to correct hydration whilst at the same time eliminating blockages and the sluggishness of various organs and systems, brings the body into equilibrium.

For specific problems we use a variety of herbs.  Natures Science is famous for its advanced herbal formulas in the treatment of various diseases and problems.