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02 Advanced Cellular Nutrition System - Superfood



Sweet is our most enjoyed and favourite taste. Sweet equals happiness and pleasure. The good news is that wholesome sugars are the best food for our cells. The trouble is only when we consume “dead” refined sugars. So the rule that “it has to taste bad in order to be good for you” has changed into “it tastes divine and is best for you!”   Now this is an improvement.







This product provides you with steady energy throughout the day.  It helps to avoid the 11am and 3.00pm drop in energy experienced by many.  Superfood prevents the craving for unhealthy sugars and stimulants and therefore helps to eliminate excess weight.  It is a must for active people with busy lifestyles, mothers, sports people, students, children and anyone with an erratic nutritional pattern and particularly thoses with a tendency to skip meals.  Superfood is easy to take and greatly helps those who have problems digesting and absorbing ordinary foods.


Putting things right naturally is well worth the effort in thought, word and deed.




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Why is the modern person described as being over-fed but under-nourished?

We eat LOTS of food with LITTLE nutrients. We need a LITTLE bit of food with LOTS of nutrients. That is why we have created Natures Science Superfood.

In the pursuit of fast, easily consumable foods with a long shelf-life we have forgotten about vitality, balanced and living nutrients.  Correct nutrition is not only measured by the quality of food on the table, but more by the ability of the body to digest and absorb vital nutrients.

A lot of people have problems digesting, absorbing and assimilating their food, this is why the nutrients from the food eaten don’t end up in the blood stream and therefore don’t reach the cells. This results in the signalling mechanism in the brain picking up on a lack of nutrients available to the cells, which then triggers a signal of hunger. This further burdens the weakened digestive system and increases the empty calories, slowing down the metabolism. Thus the person ends up eating more food to try and fill this “hunger gap”. This is also the main reason why people become overweight.

Why does poor nutrition lead to weight gain?

A slowed metabolism eventually leads to weight gain and then obesity.  This is because the body doesn’t have enough of the vital nutrients to create and activate enzymes and regenerate cells.   So the body in general slows down as it goes into survival mode.  Because it is not getting the nutrients it needs the body thinks there is a shortage and  stores the excess empty calories as fatty deposits.  If you are running on this mode it will be very difficult to loose weight.  At this point people who go on diets and starve themselves further will find it hard to loose weight. The key to loosing weight is to bring in more vital nutrients in an easily absorbable form.

How does Natures Science Superfood help you to lose weight in a healthy way?

When the person says I’m full after eating, they simply experience that the digestive system is busy, but this doesn’t always mean that the real nutrients are absorbed and have reached their target.  This means the body is still empty and hungry for nutrients.

This is one of the major reasons why we at Natures Science created “Super Food.”

Why does poor nutrition lead to premature aging?

Every cell in the body has a limited life span and when it becomes old and exhausted it will be targeted for destruction by the immune system and replaced by a new cell.   This results in new cells being created constantly, for example skin cells last several days, red blood cells 90 days and liver cells last 6 weeks. Even the deepest cells in the bones regenerate between 2-7 years. So the body is constantly recreating itself.

If we suffer from incorrect nutrition, this process of cellular regeneration is much slower.   The body has no choice but to keep the old and tired cells “in use” much longer.  This creates the effect of tissues aging before their time.

How does poor nutrition create the background for severe disorders and symptoms?

Incorrect nutrition can affect the functioning and vitality of every cell, and quite often it is behind many severe symptom pictures. For example depression, which follows the drop in serotonin production (the feel -good chemical produced in the brain) is often connected to B vitamin deficiency, especially B6.


Why does good nutrition contribute to reduced stress?

Stress is the enemy of vitality.  A fundamental reason to use super food stems from the fact that lots of people find themselves in a viscous cycle of exhaustion and stress. The mind quite often overrides the body's need for rest and nourishment and we are forced to “keep going” and performing, even when we are obviously not up to it.  We become our own slave-drivers!  In this situation our body, in its infinite intelligence, switches to creating energy from the reserves, activating the Adrenal system. The Adrenals are our built-in crisis energy generators.  They will provide extra energy literally from nowhere when we really need it. For example individuals have been reported to superhumanly lift up a car or run for miles under an efficient adrenal energy surge.

Modern people are making the grave mistake of living on their adrenal reserves until they become exhausted.    Adrenal exhaustion is behind chronic fatigue, neurosystem depletion and numerous chronic degenerative diseases.

To understand where we are failing in this situation let us use a comparison to the banking system. We all know how to maintain a healthy bank balance.  You must simply deposit more than you take out.   In the same manner, living on our adrenal reserves is like constantly borrowing money until at some stage the adrenals system (your internal bank manager) says “sorry you can’t borrow anymore”. That is usually when people feel like they can’t get up in the morning.  They drag themselves through the day, with no energy until suddenly the system crashes.

We at Natures Science recognize this problem, which is reaching epidemic proportions, and offering help and corrective measures.

Why is good nutrition vital in life changing situations?

The third reason why nutrition change is important pertains to life situations where extra nourishment and energy is needed.  In times of increased physical activity, during pregnancy, stress such as over-work, dead lines,  studying,  and travel  our bodies nutritional needs increase dramatically and so ordinary foods may not provide sufficient nutrients to meet these demands. Therefore our body needs a healthy, instant energy source.


Scientific research explains that the fastest and most easily accessible energy source for the human cells is carbohydrates. So our main energy source needs to come from various forms of sugars. The correctly applied sugar supply for the body comes from slow-releasing, natural sugars containing enzymes and phytonutrients which provide a stable release of energy. This keeps the cells fully nutrient saturated over a long period of time and creates sustainable, long-lasting energy to carry us through the day.

Sugars are the only substances that go through the full metabolic cycle releasing a huge of energy.  When the cycle is complete they are disintegrated to Carbon Dioxide and water, both substances that the body tolerates and loves- and there is not toxic residue. In this way the body is not prone to create waste deposits. Sugar power burns slowly and efficiently without residue.

At Natures Science we emphasize natural sugars which behave very differently from the dangerous overuse of refined sugars.  These refined sugars release into the blood very quickly, creating a sugar peak which then crashes equally fast, putting strain on the insulin and sugar regulators.  Natural sugars have a low glycemic index and they release into the blood system slowly and sustainably.

In a way refined sugars can be compared to a fire that burns down a house where the natural complex sugars can be compared to a fire in a fireplace that keeps the house warm all day.

So through our research we have selected a combination of natural complex sugars, packed with vital nutrients, with very low glycemic index to create the base for our “super food.” The other “herbal” highly nutritional compounds are fluid extracts of:

Nettles (Urtica  dioica), the best bio available form of iron.

Alfalfa (Medicargo sativa), known as the father of all foods,

Walnut (Juglans regia) known as a brain food.

Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) described by Mãori healers as the friend in the bush providing extra energy for exertion.

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand and Gemstone Essences are also added providing a vibrational bio-information that sustains all levels of the human body: the intellect, emotional system and the mind inter-function in a balanced way.

The high energy transmitters in a form of ionic force are added from Himalayan salt (84 minerals in a crystal), Colloidal Silver and Gold.

The sweet taste is extremely pleasant and powerful and resonates with JOY and PLEASURE creating high frequency positive emotions.

We say out loud:

“YES sugars are good for us!”

It is wonderful and healthy to give into the sweet and pleasurable taste, as our body naturally craves sweetness. We just need to choose the right ones.

Using Superfood helps people in all walks of life.  People who experience energy fluctuations, the typical low around 11am, when the brain needs its sugar, and the common low at 2-3pm where people also experience a sudden energy drop.

Adrenal aversion is where the adrenals create a peak of energy at around 2-3am.  Many people will wake up around this time and will have trouble getting back to sleep. However they will also experience a huge drop in energy around 2-3pm where they are on their low in the cycle.  This is where people will reach for something sweet or a stimulant to keep them going.

People who use Superfood don’t experience these fluctuations, but remain on a steady energy flow throughout the day.

Superfood is excellent for people who play sports, have a very active social life, during pregnancy, exhausted mothers, achieving students, and generally for people with irregular eating habits.