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Biljana Knaap

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Stephen Kelly

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Creator of Natures Science Natural Health System

Director of Marketing and Production

A message from Biljana

Steve's thoughts


After 22 years of research, formal education and clinical work  I can truly say that a real understanding of the human body comes from observing the Laws of Nature at work and from listening to the Higher Intelligence of Creation.

Only when connected with my Inner Wisdom did my Diplomas and University Degrees start to make sense.

I came to realise that our Health and Wellness depends on the choices we make every day.

Our aim at Natures Science in creating our Systems of Natural Health is to help all committed self-improvers make Higher Choices.

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It has been a wonderful journey of study, discovery and breakthroughs through the educational systems both formal and pure life experiences.  I am a Graduate Pharmacist (School of Medicine, Dept of Pharmacy) obtained at the University Cyril and Metodius in Skopje, Macedonia- the oldest University in Europe founded in the 9th Century. I am proud to be able to claim that I achieved what was considered an exceptionally high academic result, scoring 99% as an average over all examinations.

However even with that level of knowledge I realised that all my questions were not answered and I was keen to obtain more knowledge on the subject of health and wellness. Subsequently I embarked on a journey to study every discipline that promised to further enlighten me.
This included Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, HathaYoga, Buddhist Philosophy, Kabala, Ancient Philosophies, Native Herbalism, Healing Practices and above all Quantum Physics.

This resulted in my obtaining a second degree and I qualified as a Naturopath and Herbalist at Wellpark College in Auckland, New Zealand. I see my second degree as a more holistic and more advanced form of medical science today. The next level was training in modules of various Vibrational Medicine practices, usage of high technology machines and diagnostic devices. This kind of advanced knowledge is increasingly becoming a part of the current educational system.

I have been practicing as a natural health practitioner, lecturer and creator of natural health remedies in the last 22 years. The real breakthrough in my professional development happened with effective study of the science of Quantum Physics and Vibrational Medicine.

This became the field of my passion as it beautifully combines ancient knowledge with modern natural healing practices. This philosophy allows high technologies and natural remedies such as herbs, homeopathics etc. to blend together for maintenance of health and wellness - all with the underlying understanding of the human being as an energy field.

All of a sudden our modern science explained to me all ‘secrets’ of sound, colour, meditation, breathing and other spiritual healing practices. I was able to see everything with different eyes.

The Thesis I completed for the graduation from my college of Natural Therapies was ‘The Vibrational Properties and Performance of Bioinformationally coded skin products’.

After all these years of study, research and observation I can confidently say that we need to improve and change our ways regarding health and wellness. We have lost our understanding of what supports us and what harms us. The definition of wellness is clearer than ever. We came to humbly realize that there is a Supreme Creator Power of great intelligence that creates everything in our world including our bodies. This power established the laws that govern our health and wellness. So the definition of health is very simple:

Following the law of nature brings harmony and well-being
• Disobeying the law of nature brings disharmony and lack of well-being.

After 22 years of study, research and clinical work I became acutely aware of habits and ways that are harmful to our health, and explored the ways of how to do things better.

Please consider this as my personal mission statement which became the platform of Natures Science. I have a strong desire to help everyone and everything improve, including myself. The first aim is to gain knowledge, then apply common sense by following the law of nature, then work with positive intent for the highest good of all.

These became the 3 basic principles of Natures Science:

• Knowledge
• Commonsense
• Positive Intent

As a result of our 3 principles we have created 13 systems of Natural Health Products - our contribution to the advancement of complete wellbeing.

Every change towards better health, beauty and wellness starts with us making better choices.

We believe in sharing the knowledge and information, changing old paradigms and establishing the new. We make no compromise on the road to wellness. This is how we all evolve - together.


Natures Science Ltd are innovators of bold new Natural Health Concepts alive with Green Science and Now technologies. Our Concepts are non-gender selective, featuring a successful balance of Technical Performance and Natural Design all with the understanding of the Human Being as an Energy Field.

We believe in sharing the knowledge, changing ‘Old’ paradigms and establishing the ‘New’. We make no compromise on the road to Complete Wellbeing. This is how we all evolve together.

Our aim at Natures Science in creating our Systems of Natural Health is to help all committed self-improvers make Higher Choices.


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Delivering the natural benefits people desire, backed up by high-quality standards and the scientific substantiation they demand.

By applying scientific technology to nature’s remedies, Natures Science Ltd have successfully identified the key active ingredients of many herbal substances known to be effective in supporting and sustaining complete wellbeing.

Using the latest techniques, Natures Science extracts and refines these active ingredients, then delivers the desired benefits based on sound scientific knowledge of orthodox pharmacology combined with the holistic disciplines of Naturopathy and Herbalism.  Natures Science creations have been developed at our centre in New Zealand as a result of observation and experience in the treatment of clients over the past 22 years.

In order to explain the new model of developing products we need to understand the concepts behind the new sciences such as virtual medicine and bio-informatics.  There is significant scientific verification to support the new evidence about matter, energy bio systems (such as our bodies) and bio-information.  It appears that our body system, organs and tissues are defined as dynamic systems, which function within specific energy fields.

In this new era of bio-informatics we can create the correct products which bio-energetically work in the desired way in total synergy, allowing us to deliver Optimally-Efficient-Products.                         

Nature and Science creating a new Real standard.

In the last four years I have additionally studied and explored the science of design and production. This enabled me to utilise the latest Green Science and Now technology in our packaging, allowing me to trace the finest ingredients and establish the manufacturing protocols that do justice to these superb creations.  We utilise airless pump, water and ionic technologies.

During this period I had the privilege of working with a renowned scientist in the field of sacred geometry, Jonathan Quintin, to create the appropriate art forms which express the mathematical and geometrical foundation of the new science of bio-informatics.  Our visual language conveys the Phi Mathematical Proportion, the same one our product creations are based upon, the very same one that the organisation of life itself is based upon...

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